Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I normally don't rant about students, but a fellow blogger in academia will appreciate this scene:

Entitled Student: So I won't be here for the quiz on Monday.
Me: Well, you know there are no make up quizzes.
ES: But I'll be in Europe.
Me: (without sarcasm) That's great! Have a wonderful time!
ES: (looks blankly, then) Yes but what about the quiz?
Me: The quiz? Oh, yes, the quiz is on Monday.
ES: But I'll be in Europe!
Me: (still no sarcasm, big smile) Have a good time!
ES: (looking simultaneously confused and frantic) The quiz. How can I make up . . .
Me: you can't.
ES: (pleading) But I'll . . . be . . . in . . . Europe.
Me: (relenting an inch) Fine -- you can take it by email.
ES: But I won't have email in Europe! (sulks back to desk)

All, did you know they still don't have the interweb in Europe? Dh emailed me from Ethiopia, so I just assumed . . .

Today (one week and one day after quiz, a couple days after his return) I receive this email from ES:

A, can you tell me what is going to be on the quiz? I need to know what to study.

What quiz?


There was a study guide on-line for a week before the quiz. When today can I email you the quiz so you can take it? It only takes an hour.

ES: I'm all booked. I can take it Thursday afternoon.

(in my head)

I really, really, really hope he enjoyed his trip to Europe.


Nicki Mann said...

Whoa, that IS an entitled student! I think you were more than accomodating, offering to email the quiz to him... and then he wanted to actually schedule a different day to take it? What a punk!

Erin said...

Do you teach college?

If this were high school I'd really not understand where you are coming from honestly. It isn't the kids fault that he is missing the test, it is the parents for taking them in the middle of the school year, AND going to Europe is usually a great education.

Now if it is College it is something else entirely.

abebech said...

College Sr.

Lola said...

Dear student:
Last time I checked you can't "find yourself" by going to Europe and still get your college degree.

Of course, perhaps there were valid reasons for going to Europe- but I'd just give em a big "F".
Think of it this way- you are doing people like me in the work force a favor- cause someone will hire him because of the degree he gets- and then months (or days) later find out he's a schmuck- and he'll spend all day on myspace- and his co-workers will want to kill him, and one day, they may...
you really are saving his life by giving him an "f" on the quiz he didn't take :)

abebech said...

That's quite a complex justification there, but I'll take it :)

He's 'agreed' to take it tomorrow in the interim.

Julie said...

oh my gosh...are you me?

First day of classes: "These are the quiz and exam dates. There are NO makeups. NO earlies. These are the dates."

Not one breath of complaint until the last exam and then, suddenly, a slew of dead relatives and accidents and unexpected travels with "offers" to be "flexible" about their "makeup." Oddly, all from my struggling students. They can't catch I break, I guess.


Erin said...


A college student needs to realize that life doesn't revolve around their trips to Europe and they need to schedule around their commitments.

I'm on board with you now :)

Judy said...

"I'm all booked??"

Some students are ridiculous these days.

This time of the semester, we're getting the ones coming in who don't have citations or don't have complete citations for sources that they used for their papers. Now we have to try to help them find this information when they needed to get all of this the first time.

We're even getting students asking if we can read and/or edit their papers for them. Uhhh, no, we don't do that. We're in the information business, not editing/writing business.

abebech said...

Judy, I've been meaning to ask -- I quoted this one source, but I only vaguely remember what it was. Can you find it for me from the one sentence I quote, or should I take the quotation marks out so it won't need citation? :)

Judy said...

Here's what you do: get the thesaurus, change a few of the major words in the sentence, and change the font. THAT way, you can take the quotation marks out.