Thursday, November 08, 2007

What He Said, What I Heard

He says it's a misunderstanding, that each of these things were meant to be discrete, that I've conflated them, but in the span of ten minutes:
- he shares that a female friend has lost 25 lbs and her husband says she looks great! but that he "loves" how I look
- asks if I've ordered from cataloge pages I've dogeared (for our second honeymoon trip to Europe)
- turns on America's Top Model

I ask you -- is it me? Really, I'm asking, because I need someone to get behind me. All 25 extra pounds of me. (The good news is, it's shady).


Judy said...

I dunno, I'd kick him in his ass!!

Overwhelmed! said...

Yep, I'm with Judy. :)

Lola said...

See... this supports the Men are from Mars theory... Nice to see even some of the brightest are clueless.

erin said...

Most men don't have a filter between their heads and thier mouths. No filter.