Monday, November 19, 2007

Welcome to the Ph*llic Stage

Right on time, really.

(I share this with stars in the hopes that sickos haven't started searching with star -- and you may be shocked at what I had to star. This was just too funny not to share.)

Today when Miss I was going to bathr**m she said,
"Where's my p*nis? I wish I had a p*nis."
I said, "You're a girl. I don't have one, you don't have one, but we don't need them."
"Yes," she said. "I have a bladder and a ureeeesra."
"Right," I said. "So you have all you need."
A pause.
"Well, when I'm a boy, can I have a p*nis?"
"Miss I, you'll never be a boy -- you'll grow up to be a woman."
"Can I be a girl with a p*nis?"
"No . . ."
(ignoring me, to self, and with great enthusiasm) "I could be P*nis Girl . . ."
In a sing-songy Superman-exclamation: "P*nis Girl!!!!!!!"

Little Bun came home after school and Miss I announced her plans to be "P*nis Girl!"

I told you nothing is latent here.


ES said...

OMG! Hilarious. Thanks for sharing. I was looking forward to the story.

Nicki Mann said...

LOL... Penis Girl, huh? I think you've got a great idea for a new show on Cartoon Network! ;)