Tuesday, November 06, 2007

If You Loved Me

Miss I ran out of the kitchen and threw herself on the floor, screaming as she hadn't in months (I had probably cut off the Skittles). I stood, and then sat in the kitchen as screaming turned to growling, and finally this: "If you loved me you would come to me."
Both humorous and heartbreaking.

(For those also working on attachment/permanency issues while trying to maintain parenting cred and avoid manipulation, I came down to her level on the floor -- still in the kitchen -- stretched out my arms, made eye contact and said calmly, "I will always be here for you." Eventually she commando crawled -- think slo-mo in a war picture -- until our fingers touched, and I pulled her towards me and all was well -- for the moment).


Judy said...

Oh my.

You are quite a wise momma with your response. It was exactly what she needed. I wonder sometimes at how I have reacted, sometimes in the anger of the moment, not realizing what he really truly needed.

It really is heartbreaking at times.

erin said...

She is an intelligent little one! I like what you did, I'll have to keep it in mind when little L. does his "throw-downs" as we like to call them.

It's so hard to know what to do, sometimes....

LaLa said...

It really is difficult to know what to do sometimes but you handled it beautifully : )