Saturday, June 03, 2006

Date Night

Sweet friends watched ds so dh and I could enjoy a quiet dinner out before the week before he travels. All we could talk about was our children! And then we stopped at a children's store and bought sunglasses for our kids . . . We are hopeless.


Overwhelmed! said...

You're not hopeless, you're expecting parents. Nothing wrong with that!

Lola said...

So, you didn't go see X-Men III ???

abebech said...

Thanks, OW! I did wish we had other things to say, though, instead of "Oh my gosh oh my gosh . . ." But then I remember our last meal out before ds. It was the same way :)
As for X-III:
Not yet!!!! Argh. I suspect I'll be one of the few frustrated because it isn't close enough to the original, but that dh would love it.