Friday, June 09, 2006

Quick Coconut Rice and Beans (6 ingredients! Aack)

The favorite easy food here right now - canned black beans and quick coconut rice. You'll also learn a little something about me here: I rarely measure. Still . . .

1 can of coconut milk (not sweetened! And my family did notice a difference when I used "lite")
About 1 c rice (I cheat and use minute, and it still works, though the results are more satisfying with traditional rice, I'm sure)

Heat coconut milk almost to boiling. Add a wee bit of nutmeg.
Stir in rice, turn to v. low, and watch carefully.
When the rice has absorbed the coconut milk, place in oven-proof platter, in oven on warm.

Heat a can of black beans on stove-top.
As you do this, slice mango and red bell pepper.

Remove rice platter from oven. Make a dent in the middle, fill with black beans. Garnish with the mango and red pepper. If you want to add a seventh ingredient :) garnish with lime slices as well.

This side dish good with fish, is also a great meal when made in greater quantity.


Overwhelmed! said...

6 ingredients...well, close enough for this time. :)

Where do you get coconut milk from? A regular grocery store?

I like that it can be used as a side dish for fish. We try to eat fish here on occasion!

abebech said...

Our grocery store has coconut milk in two aisles - in the "Thai Foods" section and in another just with canned goods. The coconut milk in the Thai Foods row is more expensive!

You can leave out the red pepper if you want to get to five, but you can't leave out the mango! (Great with Salmon or Tilapia)

Overwhelmed! said...

Thanks! Hey, do you mind sending your email address to me at I'd appreciate it! :)

lola said...

Well I'm saving these recipes to try sometime when I'll be around long enough to eat the left overs-- for now- I'm stoked about a three ingredient recipe I just learned.

A little bit of Vanilla Schnapps
Orange Juice
A dash of Half and half.

Taste almost like a Cremesicle w/out the sicle.

slskenyon said...

I never thought to use something like coconut with rice, but you're right that would go well with fact, this is helpful given I am considering doing something different for dinner than what the English tend to eat out here...thank you.