Saturday, June 10, 2006

Finding Nemo was not a good movie to watch today

I wasn't thinking/editting his choices when I let ds pick a movie to watch while I cleaned. I just did what I always do - started the film at the second chapter. The traumatic loss of the mother, staple of Disney films, has always been avoided in our already-anxious household, and will continue to be so with I. But forget the first chapter! Here we have a boy-fish separated from his father, on the day ds said he was "sadder than [he's] ever been" in his "whole life."

Then I didn't want to make it worse by turning it off. So we watched Nemo as if we had never seen it before, wondering whether it would end with Nemo and Daddy together (wondering if ds was Nemo, or if I. is).

And while I know traveling together was not an option for us, dh's departure has made me and ds very blue. As for whether this was the "right" way to do it or not, I think I'll have dh post a guest posting (if he's amenable) when he returns - I will always be torn on that issue, insisting that those who can travel really should just before deferring to the practicalities.

(Review of Cars coming soon.)

Dear I.,
Daddy will be there very soon! He loves you very much.
So do we.


AMH said...

Oh my I am so excited to have found your blog at this point in your journey. The thought of your little peanut coming home to you in such a short time.... how amazing. I cannot wait to read all about it

I have a friend adopting from Liberia, going to send her over to your blog. I think she may enjoy.

(By the way that recipe for coconut rice sounds yummy, I think I will have to give that a go.)

Gawdessness said...

It sounds hard but maybe the right thing to do, just sit and watch the movie together.
I think it would be incredibly wrenching to have to split up in the process of becoming a family.

Love the recipe!

Overwhelmed! said...

I can't believe that your little girl will be home soon! I'm sorry it wasn't feasible for both you and your husband to go to bring her home. What a tough decision to make!