Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Full-blown anxieties settling in

Separation anxiety
Paperwork anxiety (copied onto blue paper what?!)
Travel anxiety
Parenting anxiet(ies)
Specifically Toddler Attachment Parenting anxiety
Addition of a sibling anxiety
Work-related anxiet(ies)
Not having done much work these last few weeks related anxiet(ies)

Knowing it's the thing we haven't worried about that will get us anxiety

Realizing I will never sleep for a full night again anxiety
(and knowing that I'm missing my chance as we speak by staying up anxious anxiety)

But you probably didn't come here for that, did you?


sster said...

A, this makes me laugh, not because it's actually funny but because it reminds me so much of myself. Feel it. It will pass. And you will make it through so successfully. And if not? That's what friends and bandaids are for.

Julie said...

WE could be twins, although I am pretty good at trading the anxiety for sleep at night. The rest of the time, I lay it on so thick that I'm suprised I can function. At least it's somewhat normal, if we're all feeling it, right?

abebech said...

I hope it's normal, and I hope it will pass - I also hope we can get some sleep these next few nights.
Thanks for your encouragement!