Friday, June 09, 2006


I wish I had something more profound to say right now:

DH leaves in the morning. We spent all day trying to distract ourselves, and now we're finishing the packing.

So much will happen in this week. For the first time since high school, dh will go on an adventure without me. We've been nearly inseparable since that time, with the exception of a couple of business trips. We hope to talk three times on the phone, and we hear email may be a possibility though it is very slow.

When dh gets back, he will have been someone else's Dad already for almost a week, and I will still have to introduce myself to her and learn how to be her Momma, and ds will have to learn how to share Daddy and Momma.

I. will have left everything she knows with someone she's only known for a week. She will be leaving so much behind, and she isn't old enough (truthfully, thankfully) to understand that. But we will know, and it will break our hearts, even as it brings us incredible joy.

And in a week, our family will be more complete.

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sarah said...

I just wanted to say congratulations on the big trip. I am very excited that this journey is coming to an end (while also just beginning). Please let us know how the trip goes as we are considering DH traveling alone while I stay home with our daughter vs. both traveling.