Friday, June 30, 2006

Fifty Minute Tantrum

Dear readers,
I kid you not and I do not exaggerate. I do know she's a bit shell shocked. I know she has to grieve her losses and learn to accept permanent and unconditional love. I know the shots yesterday have her feeling out of sorts.
But still. Fifty minutes of unrelenting screaming.
The last time this happened (last week, an hour) ds asked if he could have his ears surgically removed so he wouldn't have to hear it. Then he settled for earplugs instead. But what's a momma to do?!


sster said...

Yikes! What a marathon. So what night can I make you guys dinner? How about spinach lasagne?

Gawdessness said...

Um, get earplugs for yourself?
Keep telling yourself it isn't you, because it isn't.

My oldest was what they called colicky, hah, nonstop screaming for months on end.

Feeling for you!

lola said...

A message for DS- He's being such a good big brother- kudoos for his patience :)

Could it just be terrible two's? One tantrum a week... I'm no parent, is that average/below/above?

abebech said...
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abebech said...

No - it isn't just once a week tantrums - it's the length and severity and unrelentingness of those two particular tantrums (and her inability to accept comfort or redirection, or to self-soothe at those times).
We have what I would call regular tantrums in average amounts too (though ds had silent tantrums when he was that age, so any audible tantrum is an adjustment for me). These are just, well, spectacular. Of course, as her momma, I can say that everything she does is spectacular!

Overwhelmed! said...

Oh, that must be so difficult. I get so tense and upset when Snuggle Bug is crying or screaming, no matter what the reason. It physically pains me to hear this from him!

I hope that time and trust in you both will help diminish her tantrums, or at least the lengthy ones!

Good luck to you all.

Michelle said...

wow, I can't imagine 50 minute tantrums! I have no solutions either except the earplugs! Like Overwhelmed said though-hopefully with time this will deminish (and soon!)