Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Big Thing

I am pleased to announce that the Big Thing at Best University that has been consuming most of my waking moments lately (ds had decided to fire me, before going to grandma's for a weekend, and while he loves grandma better, he's willing to give me another shot) is over, and it was very, very successful. Which means I can relax. But it also means that I will have more time to obsess about our lack of referral.
I wasn't supposed to be in charge of anything, really. I had shared some ideas, had agreed to participate in a planning phase, but I'd also shared that I'd be bowing out when my daughter came home. And then she didn't come home. (So I had no excuse, for myself or for them, despite the little losses along our way, which didn't seem to entitle me even to a good cry.)
But it was great, and it's over, and I can go back to my normalish life.

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