Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Happiness through shopping

I'm feeling a little more peaceful tonight, and a little sorry I was so harsh - not sorry enough to change anything about my post, just sorry enough to wish I had shown, maybe even felt, a little more humility. At the bottom of all this discussion of rights is someone who feels very threatened, threatened by the real loss of a potential child, a loss I am familiar with several times over. But while I wish I had been more merciful, I wish others had shown more grace. Too much of this (happiness) feels like a zero sum game for too many people, and then everyone loses.

We bought baby's first photo album to send to I. so she isn't shocked when Daddy shows up, or when ds and I come to meet her at the airport. We also bought her a bathing suit - purple with little flowers. I cannot believe sometimes that there's going to be an actual need for a purple-with-little-flowers tiny bathing suit here in just about five or six weeks.

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