Sunday, April 02, 2006

Brother and I.

Ds said the other day, "Isn't it weird that we have a baby's room but no baby?" Yes, it kind of is.

Yesterday, we stopped to drop a present off for R., one of those beautiful babies I told you about just a few posts ago. We couldn't stay long, and are looking forward to a longer visit soon. DS said, "Is R. their baby too?" Yes. "So now they have two children." Yes. "Just like you do." Pause. "Me and I." Yes, I guess. Or at least, that reflects my feelings. I'm not waiting to be a mom, I'm waiting to find out who I will mom, just as ds isn't waiting to be a brother, but a brother waiting for his sister. But.

My mom remarked that I. is becoming ds's imaginary friend. I think that might be so, and we don't know whether to curb it or let him run with it.

Thoughtful, careful, socially responsible post coming soon. Or at least one that makes me seem smarter and less self-involved, whatever the truth of those appearances may be.


Julie said...

I feel that pressure to write important words, but inevitably the pressure is to much and I end up prattling on about wall textures or similar garbage. Truthfully, when I reading others' blogs, I like the mundane little details.

abebech said...

Thanks, Julie. All I have in me right now is mundane details . . . and don't get me started on the people who painted latex over oil before selling us this house (though that is probably worth at least one post, and should actually be a crime).