Monday, April 10, 2006

In Stitches (or, Bad Momma)

After the Big Thing I was very tired. I'm not sure I could have done anything differently, but even so.
Right before bath and bed time, I ran to the basement for a second. DS was upstairs on the couch eating a little snack. While I was down there, the phone rang, and I answered it. DS isn't all that patient.
As I hung up, he ran down the steps and couldn't stop his momentum, slipped on the concrete floor and landed on his face - on the edge of a paint can. When he looked up, his two front teeth were through his lip. And DH was at work.
A neighbor drove us to the ER, dh met us there, and after six hours, four doctors, four nurses, conscious sedation, and waking, we got home, at 4 am.
Scarring should be minimal, but every time I look at it, I'll remember what ds said, with his teeth still through his lip, "Who woul fut a faint can at the botton of the stefs?" Later, with his lips swollen after surgery and his body still not completely in his control, he sat up, leaned forward and pressed his lips to my cheek, a great effort at a kiss and, I think, at forgiveness.
We're all very tired and traumatized.


lola said...

Did you get that last comment? stupid computer crash- stupid airports... stupid paint cans. No not bad momma-- Hugs to both you and ds. Tell him now he gets popsicles!! (helps the swelling and it's a good bribe!-- kidding)

abebech said...

His discharge instructions actually require us to get him popsicles - though he has decided to proceed with the week as follows:
Slushy, Italian Ice, Slushy, Italian Ice, Slushy, and wildcard on the weekend.