Monday, April 24, 2006

More than my fair share

When we were filling out our Gallup Family forms (no this wasn't a joke) dh was glad to see that he and I had the same answers - not on religion, or politics (though we did for that too) but on how the household chores, including shopping, are divided. We both put "Share responsibilities with one other household member." I think he was afraid I'd be mad that he'd said that.

I'm going to say something almost entirely foreign in the blogosphere (where lots of women are righteously angry that fathers don't do a share - let alone their fair share - of the parenting):

My husband is amazing. He cleared his schedule this afternoon because this is one of those weeks where I just can't get all of my full-time work done with part-time daycare/preschool. And in a few moments, he's taking ds to the grocery store - like he has almost every week since January.

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lola said...

I've known your dh since what -- 3rd grade? And I must say, I've gotten to know him much better since our younger years... and here here- your dh- is also a df to me. the both of you are amazing-

- mush mush