Monday, April 17, 2006

The Much Anticipated

Review of Coke Blak:
Coke Blak finally hit our market (four pack @ four dollars). Addicted to both coffee and Coke and ordered to limit my intake of each, I thought this would be the perfect solution - it would take away any need to choose and satisfy both cravings.
At first it seems the glorious dark and rich creamy coke and espresso mix the beautiful bottle promises. Pleasantly sweet sips give way to an aftertaste that's all coffee. But . . . it's sweetened with aspartame. Not for the migraineur for oh so many reasons, and not for the unadventurous.
DH gives it a thumbs up - I have to give it a thumbs down for the not-prominently-advertised artificial sweetener.

(Hey, did anyone else hear that the new soda machines are equipped to raise the price on hot days?!)

The Really Anticipated Story coming soon. I promise.


anxiously awaiting details said...

If it has aspartame in it I would think it should be renamed:
Coke "Blech"... artificial sweetners suck.... BTW- you are a blog tease... do you think you are a newscaster??- no stories just teases! Coming up next-- more details to come-- Next-- Coming up-- More on that in a bit... but first... promises promises... soon I'll resort to what viewers do-- go to a reliable source-- that means: a phone call to your mom! ( :) )

abebech said...

In truth, we're still overwhelmed (in a good way), filling out paperwork, and sorting through what is our story and what is her's.
I'll post our story very soon. Really.

abebech said...

And I'm guessing "anxiously" is not, then, my mom.