Sunday, February 03, 2008

Back to "Match Match"

Friday Miss I pointed to a picture of an African boy and announced "That look like he could be my brother."
Today she practically tripped over herself (she did stumble a bit over her brother's feet) to greet an African American couple at church. Little Bun whispered, "She thinks he needs to say hello to every brown person she sees!" Miss I overhead and agreed: "Yep, just like at the grocery store."
Practically, this desire to "hi" everyone (which originated a very long time ago, though at that point she felt it was her duty to "hi" EVERYONE) African American would be easier if we didn't live in a community with so very many African American people, if my son's teachers and administrators (who we see everyday) weren't African American, if she didn't get to enjoy the company of our African American friends, if our church congregation wasn't diverse with an aa pastor, though all of those absences would create far worse practical problems (how to fill them?!). But it is all that much more profound, and hard for us, because in a community of many, many "brown" people, she lives in a house of people who are pink -- and it's starting, already at three, or at least it seems, to be a little lonely.

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