Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fourteen Months?!

. . . I say, surprised at the new official estimate, even though that had been my own calculation (the official estimate always seems to be half the real). But the reality may also be quite different because we are anticipating a child with medical concerns (with no expectation that that will turn out as it did last time, with a perfectly healthy little girl running circles around us all). Then my sister reminds me of what it took to bring my daughter into my life, and I remember the moment we opened the email and after the thought of her baldness and her big, big eyes the thought "It's YOU" and I think . . . we can wait. Besides, heaven knows we have our hands full.

Dear Miss I,
I hope you will not be disappointed when you learn that having another child in our family will *not* automatically make you a momma as you have hoped (you know, so you can make all the 'sisions. You'll have to wait awhile longer than even fourteen months before you get to make ALL the 'sisions -- but I'll be there, ever so proud of you, when you do).


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Mia said...

Wait, are you telling me that your three year old doesn't make all of the decisions at your house?!!!!! Mind telling me how you managed that? I could use the advice.

Fourteen months seems a long time but I'm sure it will be here before you know it!

Blessings my friend.