Friday, February 15, 2008

So You've Had a Bad Day

My son was sad and angry, and he wouldn't say why. But I find that, like his father, he'll talk in the car. He opened up, and this was how his day went:
"My pencil point broke." (long pause, deep sigh).
"So I had to sharpen it for like . . . like five minutes."
"And then it broke again."
Pause. I was sure he was getting to the real problem:
"Then . . . the eraser fell out. And it just felt like all these bad things would keep happening to me all day."


Julie said...

You know, I laughed but then, honestly, if that happened to me in a short time I would likely declare myself on break and go sulk over to the vending machine or chit chat with some coworkers. So I guess I'm not much advanced from there. ;)

erin said...

There are some days like that, where even the littlest thing will bring you down. When inanimate objects rebel, it's so hard!

Anonymous said...

Tell 'em -- I sympathize.