Thursday, February 28, 2008

Nobody Likes a Recession

Or, politics this week.
SNL cracked me up. Mike Huckabee is a character and the debate sketch was on. Still not sure what to do with Tina Fey's B*tch is the New Black."
But in these last 47 weeks, if we just "give 'em money" you know "give 'em money . . they'll be happy and confident and spend. Here's a thought -- maybe if we quit outsourcing drive thrus and ICU monitoring . . .
And everybody likes Civil Liberties, but apparently anyone who understands anything about anything knows this: "It's in our national interest to know who is calling who" from overseas. (Calling home from Addis Ababa will get us on *the list*).
And we might have had some head-butts, but we still have enough common threats to seal the deal with Russia. You know, just in case you were worried that there wasn't enough worry anymore.

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