Thursday, February 14, 2008

We Are Not of Few Words

Judy posted her six-word memoir. You can follow her link to Not Quite What I Was Planning.
I'm trying to write mine. The first that came to mind is a quotation, a verse, a cliche, really, and I don't know why it came at all. Maybe I'll share it later.
My husband, on the other hand, is trying very hard to write an anagram: He'd rather not be confined to six words and is looking for any flexibility he can find, any way out. "He is a bargainer, that one."
But he suggests this instead "Love of a good woman, etc."


Judy said...

Psssst not to be super critical, but my link is:

Yes, six words is hard, which is why I couldn't come up with only six words at first. Truthfully, took me several days, and then they just popped into my head. I had just about given up.

Anonymous said...

jusy is amazing. i love her blog...her transparency and wisdom. thank you for sharing her story with us. hoping you might be willing to share your 6 words...whatever they may be.


erin said...

Oh boy, I'd like to try this. Thanks for the links!