Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Don't Be a Muggle, Sport

We were trying and failing to entertain the kids at the restaurant table. Little Bun and I invented a kind of soccer with the crayons they give you, for when the fun of coloring the menu wears off.
Our waitress overheard our soccer-talk, and asked if Little Bun played. "No, not yet." She had started at five and just stopped at nineteen. Soccer's been such a big part of her life.
"Well, I play a sport kind of like soccer," Little Bun said.
"Really?" she asked. Yeah --- Really? I thought.
"Mmmhmmmm," he said in all sincerity. "Quidditch."
Now I'm not going to argue that quidditch is not like soccer -- but I really don't think the Quidditch World Cup video game counts as a "sport."
(Have you seen the "real" quidditch games on college campuses on YouTube? Weird.)

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