Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Easy on the Eyes?

My mom, whom I adore, reads my blog. So for the most part, Mom stories (Hi, Mom!) are off-limits. But I will share this.
I saw my mom very briefly the other night, and in the span of thirty minutes she said both of these things: "When are you going to get that hair cut?" and "Nice bowling shoes." It strikes me that it might be time for a little attention to my appearance.

Instead, I'm giving my blog a makeover. So. There.

In switching the template I lost my links. Before this technologically-incapable woman has to redo it all twice, tell me - would you rather look at this page than the other?
I'll change my template to make you happy, but I'm stickin' with the bowling shoes.
Thanks. (Love you, Mom!)

1 comment:

md4kraz said...

The new format is gorgeous. Keep it this way.