Thursday, March 30, 2006


A group of families working with our agency is in Ethiopia right now, and they are able to receive phone calls, so some news is reaching us here.
In most cases, it is not easy to meet with remaining members of our children's first families, as many of our children come from the drop center in the southern region. In one case, this week, a determined dad and an even more determined great aunt crossed an almost-impossible divide to meet one another.
S. is from a very remote area, so when her dad asked to meet her first family he was told it would take eight hours - five by car, three more by foot or on mule. So he set out, and the great aunt set out to meet him (she had made such a journey before, as she had relinquished S.). I wonder what they said to one another, how they said it.
What an amazing gift they are giving to S. and to each other.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that is amazing. Do they even speak the same language? Isn't it amazing how difficult at times it is to reach other people in this world- despite technology, mother nature still puts boundaries up. I always think it is amazing the great lengths some will go to to make contact, and how others take for granted the contact they have. What an exciting journey.