Thursday, March 16, 2006

Life is Beautiful

We are still waiting. We feel like we will be waiting forever, like we're in some cosmic line and everyone else is going around us. And yet, some really joyful things have happened that make me think there's a lot more right than wrong with the world. In the small things category, I had a conversation with my best friend - and I laughed out loud.
In the big things category, recently two wonderful friends have given birth to baby girls, sisters for each of their really wonderful-handsome-smart-great little boys, and I'm privileged to know all of them! And lots of families have received travel dates for their children in Addis Ababa, and some have even received referrals!
Am I hopeful that I. will come home before the fall? Not always. Sometimes hope is too hard.
But am I Hopeful? I suppose I am.

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