Monday, March 27, 2006


Thanks, dear readers, for your well-wishes for my first-round Scrabble match. I lost by about a hundred points to the nicest philosopher I've met yet. He advised me to memorize the 87 (now 93 I believe, in edition 4) Scrabble-approved two-letter words before my second round match later this week (why couldn't it have been single elimination?).

When I took the GRE I put lists of fifty-cent words on my fridge (very few of them are helpful in Scrabble, less are useful for everday living). So now I have to put the two-tile ones up or accept a second defeat. (Four-letter-word).

In other news, it's finally spring here (at least for today).

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Anonymous said...

Kudoos to you for giving it a shot. Can you use four letter words?!! heh heh. Good luck in the next round- have fun-- and if worse comes to worse-- pull a soccer move and kick them in the shins :)