Saturday, March 11, 2006

Nobody Panic

We've decided not to panic.
There is a rumor that Ethiopian courts will close for two months longer this year than last. If this is so, courts would be closed from June-September. If our paperwork (and I.'s) is processed before June, we could still bring her home during that time (though as you know, July travel is near-impossible for us). If it is not processed before then, we will not be bringing our daughter home until October, at the earliest. In that case, we would have to decide whether to receive a referral in that time period, knowing who we cannot bring home, knowing that she's growing without us for four months, or have our agency hold the referral until after that time so our wait remains abstract. But it already isn't very abstract as it is (please see the picture posted below).
We heard of this rumor on dh's 30th birthday.
Thankfully it's only a rumor. So we don't have to panic.

Oh, and it isn't jetlag. It's the flu.

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