Friday, March 24, 2006

Oh what a tangled web

I have a friend who is a world-traveler and photographer (she uses a "real" camera as opposed to my digital), and a blogger as well. Check out her images of Dallas here.
But the reason that I'm writing about her blog is, well, her links. One of her links is to Merriam Webter. Now I love the dictionary (as anyone who would enter a Scrabble tournament must - my first round match is on Monday, so I'm memorizing seven letter words and learning that Qi is now approved, so don't worry about being left with Q's and no U's . . .) but I thought it an interesting choice. And what I noticed was that there was nowhere on the blogger format that was really appropriate for me to add a comment about links.
My own newest link is to Ethiopia Lives, a collection of photographs by 19 Ethiopian photographers. Check it out. Check out elektricmayhem. And you might as well check out the dictionary.


Lola said...

That website rocks-- it bailed me out a thousand times when I worked in the world of broadcast. Plus you can have it pronounce words for you (plus it's a thesaurus), and it's free!! I still love my hard copy of the dictionary- but I love how I can get online to check definitions and hear pronounciations.

abebech said...

Fair enough!