Wednesday, May 24, 2006

American What?!

But more importantly, Taylor Hicks is the next American Idol. Kat McPhee will have a hit first, so she knows she's set. Chris Daughtry too if the tour with the Sunshine Band doesn't kill him first. But why oh why all the terrible high school show choir numbers tonight?!
Yet after they sang "I had the time of my life," I was relieved - I haven't wasted all that time pounding out that script for their Musical RomCom for nothing.


lola said...

I normally don't watch the show... but I tuned in after I read your blog-- the realized wait-- I'm on the west coast- it's already over-- and I know who the winner is... west coast sucks.

abebech said...

A friend reminded me of the best part: When David Hasselhoff cried.