Sunday, May 21, 2006

For the Weary Traveler

Conan O'Brien (Late Night):

"United Airlines announced that they are considering moving from the Chicago area . . . The good news is that United is leaving from O'Hare, so their departure will be delayed for six years."

qtd. in Entertainment Weekly, 26 May 2006.

(You can find my own experience at O'Hare, and with waiting in general, in March archives)

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lola said...

You know Part of me thinks that will be good-- Part of me says- it's just like how Pittsburgh is losing US Airways stronghold to Charlotte-- so it makes me wonder if it won't be worse because they'll move the hub south taking what could be 3-5 hour flights and turning them into multi-connection 8 hour ones. Now, if they could remove I-80 from Chicago life would be good. Wait 6years?? I better not be flying this much then!!