Friday, May 12, 2006

Where's the Emoticon for Throwing My Hands Up in the Air?

The newest update is not good news. There is an unexplained/unexplainable delay in the court processing of our travel group. We have now been given a new tentative travel date of June 3. Our poor travel agent had just called (within half an hour of that message) to say that she had just been able to get seats on a return flight for that next week.
I cried yesterday about the change to the 27th. I'm just sick about this.
I think like with our last major roadblock, I'm going to have to set a time-limit on being inconsolable. Any other ideas about how to function at this point?


lola said...


shrugging, confusion, doubt

(I like the second one- cause the one bigger eye looks like ya got punched)

--in the meanttime- check out my mule pics

abebech said...

Wow, that takes a lot more effort than I can muster. Is there a shortcut key?!

lola said...

copy and paste?

abebech said...

That'll do it.

Overwhelmed! said...

I've been following your blog off and on. I'm so sorry to hear of the change in dates. Hang in there! You can survive this.