Friday, May 19, 2006

Film Fan

We went to buy tickets for tonight's showing of Over the Hedge this afternoon. (Review in the comments section, potential spoilers).
While I was buying the tickets, ds asked if we could buy tickets for Star Wars instead.
"No, it isn't out now."
"It must be. They have the poster."
"That's just for decoration - it isn't here right now. It was out a long time ago."
"Oh, we missed it?"
"Yes, by about thirty years."
A disappointed "Oh."
We left the theater and started talking about the rest of our afternoon - shopping and then picking daddy up from work. Some time later ds turned to me and asked, "What about the Milkshake Movie? Did we already miss that, too?" It was an ad for refreshments.


abebech said...
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abebech said...

Oh, and one person was protesting the DaVinci Code as "blasphemous." Why she wasn't protesting it as "sucks," I don't know.

abebech said...

Nothing is unpredictable in this mostly warm and fuzzy animal morality tale, in which sly racoon RJ (Bruce Willis) takes over the "family" previously led (and protected) by cautious Verne (Gary Shandling). But RJ's own needs (and lies) endanger the little family, until he realizes the value of big F Family.

We all delighted in the sequence demonstrating Americans' love of food. This I don't want to spoil. Too funny.

DH loved Hammy's caffeine-enhanced mania scene.

I winced at a scene of semi-realistic violence/mayhem, when a car accident causes dastardly Dwayne (Thomas Hayden Church) to lose consciousness, but I loved Ben Folds's anti-suburbia "Rockin the Suburbs" (available as an iTunes download) over the ending credits.

I wasn't so crazy about the lack of deep focus, and pulling and throwing focus, which seemed too self-referential even as it (possibly) tried to blur the boundaries between animation and live action.

However, the lack of dating (and dated) cultural references was a pleasant change from most recent kidfare.

Best endorsement: a third of the way through the movie, ds already couldn't wait for it to come out on DVD.