Thursday, May 25, 2006

Must get packing!

The travel thing seems to be working itself out, and it looks like the court order (necessary for the bc, so why it's later we don't know) will come in time. I'm excited, nervous, overwhelmed, emotional, and I'm not the one traveling!

I've packed outfits in a range of sizes in individual gallon storage bags. That way, when he finds out how big she is (we don't have an updated weight!) he can pull out a bag that has pants, a shirt, and socks all together. Obsessive? Probably. But I want to make it easier for dh, and I don't want the nannies to be panicked that we don't know how to parent.

We hear the nannies keep the babies very bundled. This wouldn't be a problem for me. I always put ds in five layers before a walk and dh would strip those layers off the poor baby as we walked. But I had to insist on one more layer than dh would wear. I. is much older, obviously, than ds was when he came home, and it's temperate in Ethiopia, so this will be a challenge for dh.

So I hope my plan works. It'll also help him figure out which things to leave at either the care center or AHOPE. I'd heard that our children's clothes get mixed in with the children there, so anything we desperately love or gifts from special people should stay at home. And since we didn't know size anyway (at referral she was just 16 lbs but these cheeks suggest otherwise now) I just bought onesies and pants that I don't mind never seeing again. Same for shoes - we bought 4 4.5, 5 and 6 and will just leave whatever doesn't fit her.

As for blankets, I'm having the hardest time deciding which to send. I don't know why I've made that matter so much. I do know she needs a couple to cover her head when she's in the carrier on the way to the embassy - infants in Ethiopia aren't to be out in public before one and shouldn't be seen after that. Things are very different here, where six weeks is even less and less the norm.

For dh, we're packing as little as possible. Oh he used to make fun of my favorite childhood pants - the ones that zipped off just below the knee to become shorts - but guess what? Now he'll have two pair. His are even cooler. He can wash them in the sink in the evening, and they'll be dry by the next morning. He can get bottled water there, though it comes in two liters, so he'll have to take some small bottles, and I'm packing kool-aid singles and iced tea mixes to add to it. We hear soda is possible, but that this is easier.

What am I forgetting?!


lola said...

To breathe...
Make sure he takes headsets-- the inflight ones are only a few bucks but as long as there aren't crazy adapters he'll be fine.
Ziplocs are a great idea-- put soap and toiletries in them too- in case they bust in your suitcase.

You can pack little bottles- or I just pick one up the day of- and use it the rest of the trip- get a little pill box- and pack some rolaids/ibuprofen/vitamins. Gum-- the kind that also can make your teeth feel clean in case you can't get to your toothbrush. A book- if he hasn't read "The life of Pi" have him read that, he'll enjoy it (and no worries if it doesn't make it back--plus I want to talk about it with someone). A small notepad and pencil/pen. Go to yahoo and check the currency exchange rate-- When I got to the airport in Venezuela- the money exchange was closed- so I had to deal with the people walking around with wads of cash-- but I got a great deal cause I knew the rate.

... and Breathe again.

Overwhelmed! said...

Oh, I'm so excited for you! :) I can't wait to hear more about your journey!

Well, if you have time, I've just posted the 1st recipe for the Five Ingredient Friday recipe exchange. Stop by and take a peek. Let me know if you post a recipe on your blog. :)

sarah said...

Hi! I just wanted to say congratulations! I cannot begin to imagine how excited you all must be. (I am a little jealous :))

abebech said...

(Oh, Sarah, it's been a long-ish road for us, but so very rewarding!)