Thursday, May 11, 2006

More helplessness

Now cannot get flights the next week. Can't return the week after.

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lola said...

I heard something that I thought of you today- don't know if it'll help or just make ya more frustrated-- A speaker said that we and our life is like a quilt- and God is the craftsman-- we can only see the underside stitching- with all it's tangles and knots and frays-- but God sees the topside in all it's glory. She also said that the dark strings help shape us too-she also said that when a quilter stitches, they have to pull the material real tight and jab the needle through. That the "canvas" must be stretched and pulled otherwise the stitching is too loose. Part of me got ticked when I heard that-- I don't want to be pulled and stretched-- but somehow I also found some comfort in the message.

hang in there--